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Tony — What I hate more is the inability of different tribes not being able to live with each other. The example you have cited above is interesting because it is history repeating itself. The first Jewish immigrants to Palestine were mostly Russian and Polish and their numbers did not make a massive difference to the demographics. What changed was the rise of Nazism in Germany resulting in thousands of Jews choosing Palestine as a refuge. 1929 was the first Arab Rebellion under the British Mandate that resulted in demonstrations not against the British, but against Jewish immigration. This was followed by the Arab Rebellions of 1936, 1937 and 1938. So, both Arabs and Jews suffer from a degree of intolerance of each other. This is human nature and is not exclusive to Israel…as you know.

The one component that is missing in this confrontation is dialogue. This can only be achieved when both sides, and the Palestinians are to blame for this, to accept each other’s future together and get on with it. May I remind you of the Goof Friday Agreement.

I am not saying Israel is blameless. What I am saying is that there is a mountain of evidence that the Palestinians do not want European Jews in the ME and have never accepted that ‘times change’. You may refer to the writings of Dr. Ghada Karmi and Prof. Ilan Pappe for evidence.

Your input is always welcome.

BTW, I spent most of my time at Labour HQ last Tuesday (04/009/18) in the Corbyn pen because I felt that talking to people instead of shouting seems to work. Two of the 4 people i spoke to were willing to listen. The other two asked me to leave.