The Road to Being Un-busy

Become unbusy

For a very long time during my late teens early twenties I associated success with more. More money, more technology, more education, more stuff. Whilst acquiring more I realised in my haze to gain I never actually gained. Not inwardly at least. I had plenty of stuff but it didn’t lead me to where I thought it would. I never ‘made it’ no matter how busy or important’ I made myself I never reached the top of this ever elusive success story.

The thing is that busying myself to acquire more is so built into me that even when I attempt to become un-busy I still find myself slipping into old habits. After reducing my working hours I have still found myself taking on extra work eight months down the line. Despite knowing that more stuff wont make me happy I still find myself chasing after money for a big dream house even though I know from previous experience that it doesn’t help…

So this is the year I make active steps to become un-busy.

I want to redefine what my life consists of and how I choose to live it. I want to live to work not work to live. I want to have free time at my disposal for myself and my future kids. I want to not have to feel guilty for not taking steps towards more money with every little thing that I do. Instead I want to be able to experience the world around me for what it is, and just be.

come with me?