Fear of Silence

I have come to the conclusion that we have a major problem. I believe we have a problem with this thing called SILENCE. Silence is daunting.

Our world today is constantly filled with distractions around every corner. Dings and whistles erupting from our phones and devices constantly lure us away from reality into a world of mindless thinking. Our present generation is wired with the thought of constant motion and activity.

While waiting on our meal or standing in line, we find ourselves mindlessly scrolling through Twitter. In a time of boredom we resort to incomprehensibly scrutinizing our Instagram feed or slaving away at beating our Flappy Bird high score. When we have nothing to do but walk around or stay seated, we plug in our headphones or grab the remote. We wake up in the morning and turn on the TV or the radio. We are constantly filling our minds with NOISE. Whether it’s literal sound or just escaping into the technological world, we can not be silent.

I have made this observation that, again, plain and simple, WE ARE AFRAID OF SILENCE. I have come to the conclusion that we are just too afraid to put away our devices, music, and distractions; because, when we sit in silence, we may actually have to face up to life and our nagging problematic thoughts. These figments of entertainment give us a reason to escape and avoid comprehending the world around us. When life isn't following our set out plan, we just whip out our handy dandy phone and plummet into a place of isolation.

I have made this observation not only in others but also in myself. I admit to this entirely. I have come to the point where I don’t want my life to be silent. I don’t want to sit in silence. I mean, I do, but it’s hard. I too have fallen into this way of life set out before this generation. In moments that I find myself on my own, I am subconsciously turning on my music, scrolling through Instagram and talking with my friends. I struggle with setting everything aside and simply standing in silence. Standing in silence, talking to God and just being in the moment.

I have seen this in myself and I have seen a need for a change. However, I can not give this message unless I implement this quality in myself. I desire to draw closer to God and the people around me. I desire to learn how to cope with life without having to run off to my numerous distractions. Therefore, I am going to make an effort. I don’t want to be afraid of silence because silence is memorable and promising in every way.

Although the popular belief of problems being solved through distractions is naively believed, it simply isn't reality. When we make the decision to take action and face the unknown we will be way better off. Now I’m not saying that we should drop all distractions completely. They can be nice to have sometimes. I just think that we need to balance how much we indulge in these different diversions.

Take time today to put away your devices and distractions and just be quiet. Talk to God, dig into His Word, and take action. Be an example to those around you. Show the world that we don’t have to completely immerse ourselves in all of our escapes. Face life head on with God by your side. You won’t need your distractions when you have the reassurance that He will help you through life. Embrace the silence. Because the silence is daunting but it is also fulfilling. Stand up for once and face the silence.

“Be still and know that I am God.” ~ Psalm 46:10
“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength.” ~ Isaiah 30:15

~ Michaela {Also read over at www.MadefortheMoment.com}

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