What do all those groups you identify as having bias, I would add “contempt”, for President Trump…
Rick Fischer

First, you need to define “elite”. But you are correct in that government hasn’t been responsive to the majority of Americans for a very long time. 
Corporate “persons”, certainly. But actual human beings? Not so much. But by voting for Trump you sent them the wrong message, and lost credibility in the bargain. Having Trump in office does nothing to fix the problem. It did, in fact, make it decidedly worse. Personally, I have a hard time believing that those who voted for someone so obviously unqualified were simply duped by a con man. I suspect that it was more an act of sabotage. An ill-conceived, petulant act of sabotage. Unfortunately those most likely to be affected negatively by such an act are the very ones who voted for him, along with those who didn’t. So, you know, thanks for that.

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