How to market your game with 0 budget

All solid advice. 
Journalists and editorial teams like a good story, a personal story. If you can integrate that into what you do, it helps to sustain their attention, and attention is the new currency in a world of ADD that offers instant entertainment. 
Heres an example of how i write to journalists. (and possible topic for you Tavox to cover in a similar blog)
1. If im not already friends/acquaintances with, i research that person. See what they do, what devices they own, what games they typically cover. If i see it’s a match with my project, I’ll write to them. 
I’ll start off with a simple introduction. Use a single line to describe my new project, accompanied by a creative image or screenshot & link. then I’ll give them a little info about me and how the game came to be.

For my latest VR game- 
I explain that my wife inspired the the idea for the game, including the aesthetics for the main character. She used to be a blackjack dealer at the MGM grand Casino, so she was key in helping to demonstrate how dealers deal, the rules they follow, mannerisms, etc. She also did the voice overs for the game.

Now this little bit of information may seem unnecessary, but it’s personal- and journalists like a bit of personal, or back story that ties into the game- so leverage that if you have it.

I also sent a screenshot, and then a pic of us (myself and my wife) so they could compare the look of the main character as to see that im not just bullshitting.

In short, i try to keep it somewhat brief, but also personal, and then end it with a call to action like:

“I thought to bring this your attention in hopes you may find interest to write about it.
Thank you for your time”

Also, don’t get too discouraged if not to write about your game. I know it can be frustrating but refrain from being negative in regards to any rejection. Often times it’s like that. This isn’t the only game you will make, you will may need to connect with them in the future again. Be polite, be sensitive with their time, and be gracious in your response.

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