Heneral Luna Critique Paper

(Source :http://www.interaksyon.com/entertainment/heneral-luna-opens-4th-week-with-p172m-total-gross/)

The message that the filmmakers wanted to convey through the film was that Filipinos ought to be more nationalistic.
 In the movie, Heneral Luna wanted to fight against the Americans in order for the Filipinos to be free from American colonization despite the fact that many members of the Philippine government wanted to give in to the demands of the Americans. He showed willingness to do whatever it took just for him and his countrymen to gain the freedom that they truly deserved. He showed true love for his country, and that is what nationalism is all about. I found the film very engaging because its historical content successfully informed the audience about important events of our country’s history, whereas its action-packed scenes kept the audience entertained and thrilled to see what would happen next. In the movie, the Filipinos tried their best to fight for freedom, but it was not enough. This was because instead of fighting their enemies, they fought their fellow countrymen instead. When I witnessed this, I asked myself, “How can they fight for freedom if they themselves are fighting each other? Is that what they call fighting for freedom of their own country?” The Filipinos lost their own battle because of their fellowmen. Heneral Luna had the idea of what fighting for freedom was, but his co-officers did not think the same way as he did. This caused a major conflict between Heneral Luna’s men and President Aguinaldo’s men which led to a war between the two batallions and the loss of many lives. The art in the movie was the values shown in it. It reflected how Filipinos were properly raised by their parents. Values are the things that makes Filipinos different from other people.
 Joven Hernandez represented the next generation of Filipinos. The knowledge of Heneral Luna was recorded by Joven because Heneral Luna wanted the Filipinos to learn from their mistakes and to defend what is right. Mistakes were made, but the Filipinos have to learn from them and move forward. Only Filipinos can help their fellowmen. No one else will.