Democratising design in a world where Developers far outnumber Designers

I had my first talk at a tech meet-up (ForLoop Ghana) last weekend and I spoke about designing enjoyable experience in the face of the constraints we face when building products with limited resources.

Design badly needs to be democratised. We don't have enough designers out there so there's absolutely no reason to hoard the responsibility to make users happy.

The idea is, if developers understand the need to pay attention to the user experience, the designers’ work will be without headaches. And the user’s experience will be delightful.

Here's a rough way to inject UX thinking at every stage of a product's…

TLDR: Snapchat’s new update may be prioritising engagement with public stories over delightfulness

Snapchat just posted a pretty controversial update. They’ve overhauled the app’s layout, and don’t seem bothered by the backlash. I haven’t got the energy to join the rant party, so instead, here’s my hypothesis.

For starters, the app has never been intuitive. Its absurd UI patterns have purposely sacrificed ease of use for certain business goals. Snapchat, positioned as a camera app, when launched, lands straight on the viewfinder. And that’s weird because in our heads it’s a chat/social media app. …

TLDR: A good designer is a disciplined, productive life-long learner. 10 non-design tips to increase your impact as a designer.

I know how to become an outstanding product designer. Hear me out. I have a simple 10-step process.

  1. Manage your time. Hours can either be billed to a client or spent experimenting and learning new skills. Make time for both and you’ll be alright.
  2. Build trust by keeping to your word. Don’t be like my tailor.
  3. When things get out of hand and you can’t deliver, don’t ignore phone calls and e-mails.
  4. Improve your communication skills. …

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In a world where people are constantly being paraded with information from all angles conceivable, being able to effectively and efficiently present the information is proving to be a valuable skill. This much needed skill is known as information design, and its relevance spans across several domains; print, screen, radio. Successful businesses and professionals apply information design in the work they do. An easily navigable airport, shopping mall or highway can be attributed to information design. Likewise, a really captivating billboard or advertisement. Yet it is most surprising and somewhat ironic, that publishers of the number-one bestselling book, by far- the Bible, seem to neglect the precepts of the information designer. …


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