How well do we really understand how business owners use the internet in Accra and Lagos?
Emmanuel Quartey

Really thought-provoking questions. Never realised until now how dismissive I’ve been whenever I come across one of these, whether for building websites, or printing or [insert other service]. I feel bad now. I tend to assume the market is segmented into these two large baskets:

  1. Professional work: commands higher rates and is of a higher quality.
  2. ‘Roadside work’: commands lower rates, nobody actually uses them, work is of poorer quality, nobody actually uses them.

This post makes me realise how blatantly wrong and misleading my assumptions have been, and how it pointless it would be to attempt to scale any product or service without actually understanding users in these spaces.

It would be really nice to see folks try to answer the questions you’ve raised here using insights from their present/past/future projects. Or to reach out and find out the faces on the other end of these posters.

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