How North Carolina Moms Fought the NRA and Won
Kaaren Haldeman

This article includes the rantings of a truly delusional person. Please seek medical help. The word “victory” must have a much different meaning in your dictionary than the rest of the sane world. Please reread Sean Sorrentino’s post again to see how much the Pro-rights/Pro-gun people won in North Carolina this year.

You insane anti-rights nut jobs are literally getting smashed every year. You are the laughing stock of North Carolina. Please, by all means keep wasting Yankee carpet-bagger money; I hear Bloomberg has plenty to waste.

I also want to personally thank you for waking up a few of my friends to the insane anti-gun agenda you are involved in. Your press coverage woke them up enough to join both Grass Roots North Carolina, and the NRA. Great job on your part.

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