How To Reduce Your Wedding Catering

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If you are looking to invite a lot of guests to your wedding but you are worried about the cost involved, catering is one way that you can save money. Traditional wedding catering can be expensive, especially if you are having your wedding in a posh LA venue.

Food truck catering in Los Angeles offers a cheap way to cater for large events and weddings, but there is no need to worry about how good the food tastes — it is amazing. When looking to cater for large weddings with a food truck, you may want to consider the following:

• Only invite people who you want to ask to your wedding rather than who you think you have to invite

• Hold your wedding mid-week

• Keep our menu small

• Ask your street food vendor to cook as they are going along so there is no waste

• Ask guests to serve themselves rather than fork out for waiter services

With the money that you save by opting for food truck catering, you can spend extra on other wedding essentials.

However you choose to cater for your wedding, we hope that you have an amazing day and don’t forget to give us a call if food truck catering Los Angeles is your final decision.