How To Channel Procrastination Into Productivity
talia jane

Hey I am really sorry all these things are popping up on my phone my computer’s video conferencing they’re being hacked and since I sent a letter 6 years ago or 10 years ago to freaking NASA JPL I have had the United States watching everything I do and my wife died four years ago so I couldn’t do anything while she was alive so I start a research and development company okay and basically gun laws or not because I’ve been studying studying studying so I don’t sit and cry and I can design a scuba suit that police officers can wear that can withstand a 45 caliber bullet would have to worry about it are many women out there on the street getting shot you don’t know this is with is three different types of ways materials put together and it makes it ten times the strength of Kevlar and the amount of money that you can make my licensing it to other countries so they can equipment their police force in their Firepower and their soldiers instead of taking the guns away just make the bullet completely worthless

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