just wondering, if the election has had the opposite reaction, would you be for the banning of the…
Terri Magee Henderson

Terri, Yes.

I wrote the petition in the summer of 2012, before the conventions. That would have been the conventions involving Obama and Romney. It wasn’t because the electoral college was in the foremost of the public arena. It was because the electoral college is a bad idea, disenfranchising far to many voters. I am a strong proponent for “fair.” One person one vote is fair.

I did not like Hillary as a candidate to be president and think Trump is worse. Being from a very Blue state I had the option to vote for neither because my vote did not count.

The electoral college locks in the polarized two party system, where in this particular election we were given the choice between a bag of crap or a bucket of crap. People had differing opinions about which one was which.

Many people don’t vote because they feel their vote doesn’t matter. The Electoral College exacerbates that belief. Eliminating it would make it possible for more choices to have a chance. It would give the electorate a sense of empowerment. That would be a good thing.

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