US conservatives are treated so much more poorly than homosexuals

It’s sad, but they refuse to give up their sinful lifestyle

Recently, The Federalist website and podcast media outlet published an opinion piece by one Chad Felix Greene in which he spoke at length on the subject:

The Stigma Against My Conservative Politics Is Worse Than The Stigma Of Being Gay

Was he correct? In the USA, yes. Let’s run through the reasons why.

It’s tough when the President, VP and most of Congress is held by gay men and women and the Gay Old Party of the USA.

It’s tough when this combined weight keeps appointing gay judges to the Supreme Court.

It’s hard when you aren’t allowed to marry in most states as a conservative.

It cuts deeply when all those elected officials keep revealing their anti-conservative bigotry.

It’s ugly when they start talking about the conservative ‘lifestyle’, as if it’s a choice to be so fearful and backward looking.

And then there’s the anti-conservative graffiti that pops up.

The entire problem with all of the religions pointing out from the pulpit that being a sinful human by acting on conservative impulses is heart rending. Sure Jesus turned the other cheek, hated money lenders, washed the feet of the poor and was gay-as but do they have to rub conservatives’ faces in it all the time?

Then there’s the conservative bashing in places where they gather harmlessly such as golf clubs and garden parties. Bands of gay thugs cutting conservatives out of the pack and beating them.

Yes, the treatment of conservatives is horrific but what can you do? It’s a lifestyle choice.