Team Warren for Bernie Sanders

Team Warren to Sanders
Mar 10 · 5 min read

We, former members of the Warren for President Team, are proud to have worked for a candidate who fights tirelessly for a country that works for all of us. Elizabeth ran a campaign on intersectional policy issues like Medicare for All, a Wealth Tax, a Green New Deal, cancelling student loan debt, providing universal free college, expanding Social Security, legalizing marijuana at the federal level and erasing convictions, and raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Now that Elizabeth has told us that her campaign is concluded, we know that she is considering how to best continue the fight for big, structural change. We respect that process and trust that she, as she always does, will do what is best to advance this movement.

We also understand and respect that many Warren supporters are still processing their feelings as well. We urge them to take care of themselves first and we stand ready to welcome them back into the fight when they are ready.

We, the undersigned former employees and fellows of Warren for President, are staying in the fight for a just and progressive future. We know that we need a bold, ambitious policy agenda for working families, marginalized communities, and our planet. We know that we won’t beat Donald Trump by simply talking about a return to business as usual. We hold these values close to our hearts because we’ve spent months talking about them with community members and volunteers in the field on behalf of Elizabeth Warren.

That’s why the best option for Warren Democrats right now is to support Bernie Sanders for President, in addition to fighting for Democratic victories across the board in Senate, House, and local races.

What are our goals?

1) Work to consolidate those who are ready to jump from Warren to Sanders immediately and build a community to facilitate the transition.
2) Outreach to inspire other former Warren supporters who are not yet ready to support Senator Sanders or considering Vice President Biden.
3) Mobilizing volunteer action for upcoming primaries and other important races using the grassroots networks that we have cultivated with the Warren campaign.
4) Carrying forward Elizabeth Warren’s ideals, including building a broad-based inclusive coalition founded on respect and empowering women and non-binary individuals to run for office.
5) Carrying forward Elizabeth Warren’s policy priorities by encouraging Senator Sanders and all Democratic leadership to adopt her plans, including but by no means limited to, her plan to end Washington corruption, her LGBTQ+ plans, her plans to uplift women of color, and ending the filibuster.

In Senator Warren’s words: “Choose to fight only righteous fights, because then when things get tough — and they will — you will know that there is only one option ahead of you: Nevertheless, you must persist.”

Let’s persist together.

List in formation — and growing! Message @mscottbarth or @aliciastwocents on Twitter to sign on!


Alicia Nichols-Gonzalez, Regional Organizing Director (San Diego, CA)

Michael Barth, Field Organizer (Los Angeles, CA)


Marina Sullivan, Organizing Email Team (Boston, MA)

Tisya Mavuram, Fundraising Associate (Boston, MA)

Rodney Smith, Direct Marketing Manager (Boston, MA)

Danie Belfield, Field Organizer (Chico, CA)

Herbert Meisner, Field Organizer (Fairfield, IA / Denton, TX)

Ernie Britt, Deputy Director, Email Organizing (Boston, MA)

Alessandro Clark-Ansani, Field Organizer (Des Moines, IA / Dallas, TX)

Mishelle Arakelian, Field Organizer (Los Angeles, CA)

Sarah Barukh, Mobilization Hub Organizer (Los Angeles, CA)

Ryan Kearney, Field Organizer (Las Vegas, NV)

Raquel Sosa-Sanchez, Field Organizer (Cedar Rapids, IA)

David Guirgis, Field Organizer (Chicago, IL)

Sejal Singh, Policy Fellow (Boston, MA)

Andre Manuel, Legal Fellow (Boston, MA)

Trenton Seubert, Youth Vote Director (IA)

Quemars Ahmed, Field Organizer (Cedar Rapids, IA)

Ari Goldfine, Field Organizer (NV)

Amit Dadon, Field Organizing Fellow (Waterloo, IA)

Matthew Parziale, IT/Operations (Boston, MA)

Victoria Adams, Product Design Lead (Boston, MA)

Elliot Richardson, MA Statewide Campus Organizer / Field Organizer (Cambridge/Boston, MA)

Jack Weller, Email Organizer (Boston, MA)

Rizalina C. Hernandez, Designer (Boston, MA)

Raquel Breternitz, Design Director (Boston, MA)

Isabel Song, Field Organizer (Los Angeles, CA)

Shivani Desai, Field Organizer (Cedar Rapids, IA / Evanston, IL)

Anthony Collins, Mobilization Hub Manager (Boston, MA)

John Mellow, NH State Data Director (Manchester, NH)

Maggie Kennedy, Field Organizer (IA/IL)

Alexandra Benjamin, Field Organizer (Portsmouth, NH / Charlotte, NC)

Nadia Semmar, Distributed Events Organizer (Boston, MA)

Misha Linnehan, Organizer (Hudson, NH / Old Orchard Beach, ME)

Ellen Smith, Organizing Fellow (Denton, TX)

Aeshna Sarkar, Field Organizer (IA/CA)

Ishvaku Vashishtha, Field Organizer (Los Angeles/Orange County, CA)

Kunoor Ojha, National Organizing Director (Boston, MA)

Becca Taylor, Training Associate (San Diego, CA)

Loren Whitaker, Community Organizer (Raleigh, NC)

Isabelle Webber, Iowa for Warren Intern (Iowa City, IA)

Natalie Marquez, Field Organizer (Rio Grande Valley, TX)

Eli Stevens, Intern (Nottingham, NH)

James Harnett, Winter Organizing Fellow (Cedar Rapids, IA)

Helen Brosnan, Northeast Political Director (Boston, MA)

Daniel Tran, Intern (Berlin, NH)

Max Berger, Director of Progressive Outreach & Movement Building (Boston, MA)

Parker Houston, Field Organizer (O’Brien County, IA / St. Louis, MO)

Nura Zaki, Regional Organizing Director (Chicago, IL)

Nelowfar Ahmadi, Field Organizer (IA/CA)

Marcus Ismael, Field Organizer (San Francisco, CA)

Sophia Blake, Organizing Fellow (Indianola, IA)

Nick Jauffret, Organizer (Fort Dodge, IA / Dallas, TX)

Beatriz Martínez-Godás, Distributed Events Organizer/ Mobilization Hub Organizer (New York, NY)

Hanna Haddad, Deputy Data Director (Des Moines, IA)

Travis Suite, Regional Organizing Director (UT)

Sarah Fellman, Regional Special Projects Director/Regional Organizing Director (Council Bluffs, IA/Spokane, WA)

Mason Astill, Field Organizer (IA/UT)

Owen Elrifi, Field Organizer (IA/TX)

Shoshanna Israel, Phones Organizer (Boston, MA)

Molly Broderick, Legal Research Fellow (Boston, MA)

Simon Adams, Regional Organizing Director (Orlando, FL)

Isabella Roman, Field Organizer (Tuscon, AZ)

AC Facci, OK Organizing Director (Oklahoma City, OK)

Jace Ritchey, National Event Organizer (Boston, MA)

Melissa Mejia, Regional Organizer (Nashua, NH/Raleigh, NC)

Mike Litt, Regional Political Director (Las Vegas, NV)

Lucy Stevens, Organizing Assistant (IA)

Santiago Gudino-Rosales, Intern (Las Vegas, NV)

Iram Ali, Senior Content Strategist (Boston, MA)

Emma Friend, Distributed Events Manager (Boston, MA)

Natalie Green, Community Manager (Boston, MA)

Ifrah Asmat, Mobilization Hub Organizer (Austin, TX)

Gowri Buddiga, Field Organizer (Las Vegas, NV / Boulder, CO)

Joel E. Emerson, Voter Contact Program Director (Columbia, SC)

Catie Diaz, Field Organizer (North Liberty, IA / Fort Worth, TX)

Kate Hiltz, Regional Mobilization Director (Boston, MA)

Emma Rebecca Dessau, Video Editor (Boston, MA)

Warren for President alumni supporting Bernie Sanders for President, downballot Democrats, and big, structural change. Always organizing for righteous fights.

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