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The Halloween President? Orange is the New Black?

The Presidential election is always held just a few days after Halloween. This year that is scarier than normal.

Two strange questions pop into my mind:

1) Is Trump going to be a Halloween President? He is certainly the right color to follow the current president in such a scenario — black then orange.

2) Is Orange the new Black?

Anyone who is writing me to tell me that Trump would not be a TOTAL disaster as president might as well save their words. I try and not listen to lunatic raving. And words of that nature are lunatic raving — even when issued by people who other wise show no signs of lunacy.

The Big Stain on Obama’s Legacy?

Well, I don’t know what that is, but I do know the big stain on Bill Clinton’s legacy

Presidents need to know that it is impossible to know about China. Will save them valuable time trying to learn.


I got a notice from a hotel that said my stay there was cancelled. I stayed there two weeks ago for six days and left a week ago today. Communication Here Is Not Applicable — CHINA

At the same time it is possible that the taxi driver took me to the wrong place because it isn’t where I had planned to stay that I had ended up — and maybe they faked the reservation — according to the photos, but then I would not be surprised to see them use a better hotel’s photos, either.

Criminals Here Is Nearly Always — CHINA

We have survived worse.

The most appropriate slogan for a Trump Presidency — though as someone who has studied the history of the Presidents thoroughly as a history teacher, i am thinking — no, we haven’t.

If I disagree with you, I will write you an email. I will not spit in your face, This is why I choose John Kasich over Donald Trump. Kasich is an email. Trump is spit.

Presidential race? Only 43 people have been in the Presidential race in the history of the USA. I am thinking it is probably time to close membership and try something else. Unfortunately, I think Donald Trump is thinking the same thing and what he wants to try is not what I am talking about.

I don’t think the Pope meant it quite like it could be taken — in the Trump sense

Don’t turn your back on refugees, pope says