The Obama Administration’s Expansive State of Palestine
Michael A. Eisenberg: Six Kids And A Full Time Job

I don’t know… The evidence of the three entries in the system (where I assume Israel appears as well) seems rather thin. As they say, “Never ascribe to malice what can as easily be explained by incompetence.” I agree that President Obama’s past and current stance on the Israeli/Palestinian issue has been reprehensible, I just wouldn’t think to enter this as evidence.

BTW, I’m interested in the details of your criticism of the Prime Minister. In my experience it’s unacceptable in polite society to be a fan of his, but I have yet to hear any specifics outside of the occasional “well, he should have done X” from people who have no idea whether X was possible or would have made things better or worse. Interestingly, R. Yoel bin Nun gave Netanyahu a tremendous plug in today’s Makor Rishon. R. Yoel remains someone who is hard to pigeonhole.