Most of you reading this are not black.

Prior to George Floyd’s death, you would have had virtually no idea that this current reality of systemic and institutionalized racism is real and has always been this way for black people… or maybe, some of you did know?

Why would you?

Most “Mainstream Americans” didn’t know until recently that this national and international pandemic of police abuse actually existed. Well, I’m black and I have lived in the light and in the shadows of oppression, marginalization and racism every single day of my life.

Police brutality, minority abuse and the sinking reality that when black people are either pulled…

My Poetry

Over the expanse of all humanity, many have lived their lives in the shadows of others
Understanding that the trials of the world truly lived are not of their own chosen druthers

Life at best, is difficult and perplexed for even the well prepared to discern
While daily, one must acquire, apply and demonstrate their lifelong ability to learn

In our unquenchable thirst for knowledge of truth and of the hereafter
We find only the self‐aware and brave are able to challenge their lives with joy and laughter

We willfully take for granted the champion’s view of what…

On a bitterly cold Chicago winter day back in the mid 1970's, as I sat on the edge of my bed, door closed and locked while engulfed in total silence… I removed my well hidden kitchen knife from between my mattress and the box spring and began an arduous count backwards from 50 to 1 or maybe even 20 to 1. I can’t really remember. I was seconds away from committing suicide. Tears rolling down my eyes with a sheer desire to end it all.

On this particular day, life seemed overwhelmingly difficult to cope with less known to understand…

“A Tribute To These Great American Heroes!”

Back in the late 1970’s when I was selected for the US Army Special Forces, then Maj Robert Howard, was the Camp Mackall Commandant of Special Forces Training held deep in the heart of Southern Pines & Pine Bluff, North Carolina. To have him as your commander meant only one thing; it would be the toughest deal of my life.

Whenever Maj. Howard grinned with that clenched teeth face, we all knew that it was somebody’s ass in the wind.

Back then, we all were assigned Special Forces “Buddies” . My buddy was a 7 language speaking, Ph.D., with 2…

As a staunch NRA Member, Former Special Forces “Green Beret”, a True Patriot and a Father, I feel compelled to weigh in on our National & Tragic Discussion: Gun Violence and its never-ending saga in America. As I recently wrote, “Our system of government that allows teenagers and criminals, mentally deranged and illegals to LEGALLY purchase and stockpile weapons and killing our defenseless children, neighbors and law enforcement members, etc., is in great need of an overhaul and intensive national oversight”. …

For those of you who are familiar and know to what this term, “40 Acres And A Mule” refers, perhaps you would appreciate a more in depth insight of the specifics surrounding this once radical social movement and political shit-storm that took hold during Lincoln’s Presidency. Likewise, for those of you who are not familiar with the concept of reparations being paid to African Americans, maybe this highly accurate and historical factual account will assist you in your understanding.

NOTE: The use of the term in this document, “Mainstream American”, refers not only to White Americans rather the melting pot…

Life is too precious. Take 5 minutes and read this article. My life’s collective experiences, including my years in Special Forces, contributed to these tips and protocols one should follow during a mass or isolated shooting. I hope you’ve learned something useful.

What Would You Do?

REMEMBER: Every Second Count!

What you are about to read will help to save your life if you are caught up in a deadly mass shooting. Nowadays, you should always carry a weapon of some type. I am certain that the cemetery is full of people who were opposed to what I will discuss in this brief article. Carry a knife, mace…

Michael Gibson

Former US Special Forces “Green Beret”, Entrepreneur, World Traveller, Mentor & Writer

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