Hello Bangkok, I made it

I hailed a taxi outside of the Bangkok airport, threw my bags in the back and got in. My taxi driver spoke no English, so I had her call Aekapon ( The host I am staying with in Thailand) to get directions. Once she got off the phone with him I asked her how long roughly she thought it was going to take. She smiled and pointed to a towel, I smile and it became very quiet. She patted the towel and shrugged. Feeling defeated, I grabbed the towel and started wiping my hands and arms. All of the flights over to Asia had given me a wet towel to wipe my hands and face with, so I didn’t think much about it. When I went to wipe my face with the towel however, the taxi driver yelled and started waving here hands. Startled and confused I lowered the towel and stared at her blankly. After a minute or two looking at each other confused, she mumbled the words, “many hands on towel.” I immediately gagged and rolled down my window in preparation. She pulled over and we sat on the side of the highway while I recovered. I eventually held the contents of my stomach down and pulled my head back into the vehicle. We stared at each other for a couple of seconds and then both erupted into laughter as we pulled back onto the freeway.

The street I am staying on with my host Aekapon.

I have found in my travels that foreign country’s who’s focus is tourism, among other things, all have one very subtle thing in common. They all haven’t quite figured out how to properly utilize the letter S. Signs will read “Bangkok welcome you” or “Lan Na Thai want you to eat.” In fact, I would go as far as saying that signs in touristy areas are one of my favorite things when I first get to a new city. Signs like “12 toilet, take bath.” or “Ride on, (picture of man on motorcycle) Cotton USA.” I haven't a clue what these signs were trying to sell me. Most of the signs I see that are made for English speaking tourist are more confusing then they are helpful and that’s why they are so enjoyable.

My host Aekapon, which I assure you, is not as creepy as he appears in this picture.

Little motorcycle shops and small restaurants littered the city street as I walked around this afternoon, looking for a pair of flip flops. No one seemed to be in any kind of a hurry and as I would pass the small shop owners they would smile and wave. Where ever I went it smelt spicy, the kind of spicy where if it were in your mouth you may cry and then scream for a glass of milk. I walked off the main street into a small neighborhood, and stopped to enjoy all of the little Buddha shrines and fountains, it was absolutely beautiful.

It was 88 degrees today, cloudy with 53% humidity and I turned into a giant mess of hair and sweat. My eyebrows were sticking straight up, and if you know how long my eyebrows are you know they are a solid inch and a half long and can stretch a disturbing way up my forehead. My hair, almost wet from sweat and humidity, laid down and stuck right on top of the elongated eyebrows, making it look like my eyebrows and hair were one in the same. My facial hair was sprawled in all different directions, and while I cant grow much of a beard, it would seem that I have everyone in Asia beat, so there's that. Anyway by the time I had gotten back from a two hour long walk around the city I look like something my dads cat would cough up. Thailand is amazing and I cant wait to see what it has in store over the next few months.

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