Applying the Olympic Mindset to Life

If you are like me, you have been watching the Rio Olympics in fascination. The feats that these athletes have accomplished are truly amazing. Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky in swimming, Usian Bolt in track, Simone Biles in gymnastics are just a few of the athletes I’ve watched in awe. These athletes are referred to as the greatest of all time, the fastest man on Earth, etc… While not all of us will become Olympic athletes, I cannot help but think about what if we applied the Olympic mindset to our own personal lives?

Olympic athletes train for years for the opportunity to compete at the Olympics. They create a plan for themselves to achieve their lifelong goal of getting a gold medal at the Olympics and train relentlessly to make that a reality. Waking up early to train, training on days when they don’t feel like it, sacrificing watching TV or spending time with friends, the list goes on and on. All of this is meant to help move them closer to their long term goal of winning gold.

While I am not an Olympic athlete, it is funny to think about how I used to approach sports compared to how I treat other aspects of my life. My mentality towards sports was always “what can I do to improve my performance?” Whether that was waking up early to go to a stick and puck or doing another dry-land workout, I was dedicated to creating the best athlete I could be.

But what is so different about applying this mentality to other aspects of our lives? Why not approach our work and relationships with this same dedication that Olympic athletes do? Imagine how much our business, health, friendships, and relationships would benefit from using this mentality!

Few of us wake up in the morning feeling energized to tackle the day, thinking how we are going to improve ourselves today. We dread putting in extra time to become better, thinking of the million other things we would rather do. We let the mindset that something is too difficult set in, so we give up prematurely. Let’s change this by applying the Olympic mindset to our lives.

To achieve extraordinary results, you have to put in extraordinary effort. Put together a plan to achieve what you want to achieve, then execute.

Be dedicated. Be relentless.

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