the blame for the Comey Letter gets heaped on Comey,
Why We Can’t Quit Hillary: The Comey Delusion
Michael Tracey

Some Major Points…..

  1. One of the reasons Comey found himself sitting in the hot seat was because Lynch had to recuse herself after being compromised by meeting privately with Bill Clinton.
  2. Nobody gets that high in government by charging off making major decisions on their own. Comey had lots of advice on the timing and wording of that letter.
  3. Comey’s no fool. He alerted the White House as to what was coming. The Oval Office may not have explicitly signed off on it, but passively nodded their approval.
  4. What might have been most damaging is that the emails were found on the laptop of serial flasher and possible pedo Anthony Weiner. Thus, in the public mind, tieing together two main themes of the Clintons: secrecy and sexual perversion.
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