Ep. 221 Rock and Roll Is Dead Article, a Great Opinion Piece but Weak on Facts.

This week’s episode #221 we comment on a recent article ROCK AND ROLL IS DEAD, AND EVEN AXL & SLASH CAN’T SAVE IT by Kristy Loye in the HoustonPress. Yeah another person claiming rock is dead. Only in this case we really question what Kristy is saying, if she understands the music business and has any idea how playlists are curated on streaming services. It is a great opinion piece for sure, but not very factual.

You can read the article at http://www.houstonpress.com/music/rock-and-roll-is-dead-and-even-axl-and-slash-cant-save-it-8044236

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Originally published at michaelbrandvold.com on January 8, 2016.