Bitcoin Buzz — Who knows the truth?

For sure, Bitcoin is the top story on the financial market in 2017. Exciting weeks are behind Bitcoin. The most popular cryptocurrency sank after severe criticism of well-known personalities and China’s prohibitions. In the meantime, the digital currency is back on recovery. In addition, the rumor of Amazons Bitcoin integration spreads very fast. Lot’s of Bitcoin buzz at the moment but a payment integration at Amazon will also be a good sign of confidence.

Furthermore, Bitcoin splits the minds. The next few weeks will be crucial for the alternative payment method. In addition to the numerous closures of the crypto exchanges in China, there is also a debate on a new split of Bitcoin to speed up transactions again.

Many investors are very surprised at how quickly Bitcoin has recovered from the slump in the market. At the beginning of September, the Bitcoin market price was briefly below the 3,000$ mark. A few days later, the digital currency was already testing the 4,000$ limit. The currency got more volatile the last few weeks than the months before, but I think this will be part of the game ;-).

Although, this post about a lot of Bitcoin Buzz is not the best news for online investors, I will stick on my plans at Cryp Trade Capital, MySystemX and GS Mining.

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