A working class manifesto
Esko Kilpi


Post-industrial business is about doing meaningful things with meaningful people in a meaningful way. The closing sentence from Esko’s excellent review of the nature of work, connection, interdependence and collaboration as the framework for analysis of knowledge workers is bang on the money.

Seeing our work and our home as separate is an industrial age concept. The reality of the possibility (or if misused the burden) of 24/7 tech is so different. Work when you want, where you want and with who you want. When we started our business I struggled to describe the opportunity our culture offered those coming on board and ended up resorting to the advertising jargon of Martini “anytime, anyplace, anywhere”. Clearly that doesn’t do justice to the flexibility we humans now have over knowledge work and the how of doing it. There does still remain a vital question — the first in my mind — which is “why?” The purpose, the mission, the point of it all — never mind the tech and the life/life balance it’s that which gets us all motivated and hence Ekso’s close is so apt. The search for meaning — with people and task continues…

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