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Your Perfect Day

In order to achieve positive and lasting change in your life, it is crucial to visualize the outcome in as much detail as possible.

According to Suitcase Entrepreneur Natalie Sisson, “there have been studies that prove people with written goals are more likely to achieve them. That’s because the clearer you can get about exactly what you want your life to look like, and write it out in detail, the more likely it is to come true.”

This is your Perfect Day — a vivid vision of a day in that life you are working towards. I’m going share my Perfect Day as an example, then I highly suggest developing a vision of your ideal day in your ideal life. This will give you a vivid goal to push towards as you implement your freedom plan every day.

I’ve been developing my Perfect Day vision over the last few months through my morning visualization exercise, which I do following a period of meditation when I am still in a deeply relaxed state of mental flow. I’ll start with a short-term vision (daily, weekly) of all the things I am doing to achieve freedom and creativity in life. Then I move into a vision of the ideal future. Since I began this process, I have noticed things from my visualizations manifesting in reality. By all means, try this at home — it really works!

My Perfect Day — Morning

I wake up early with my perfect woman, who is my best friend & life partner, beside me in bed. My Australian Shepherd dog, who is amazing at frisbee, waits at the foot of the bed. I make coffee then walk to the porch of my beachfront home, where my partner and I share our morning ritual — meditation, visualization, affirmations, reading (books on business, self-improvement — any aspirational nonfiction to mindset for the day), journaling, yoga. We take our coffee and go with the dog for a walk on the beach.

The location of the home changes periodically — I’ve set up a system for traveling to the best locations at the best time of year, and I own none of them. Or all of them. I haven’t decided that part yet. On this day I’m on a beautiful beach in Indonesia, slightly off the beaten track. There are palm trees, coconuts, and the sounds of tropical birds. The ocean is a beautiful blue-green and the perfect temperature for swimming. The smell of the clean salt air and tropical foliage fills the senses. Paradise.

After a healthy breakfast of egg whites and local fruits/veggies, it’s time to get writing. 2–3 deep focused hours on projects near and dear to my heart. My latest book, script, article, blog posts, etc. At this point, I’m not limited to any narrow niche. I’ve achieved creative freedom, as well as lifestyle and financial freedom. I mostly write at a desk with an ocean view, but sometimes from a hammock. I may also use this time on other creative projects such as videos, podcasts, or developing courses. Breaks are taken for stretching, more coffee, and occasionally a quick swim to clear the mind. I listen to classical music, or maybe mellow reggae like Jimmy Cliff.

After the writing session, there is some time spent doing creative organization of the various projects I’m working on. Outlines, to do lists, spell-checking drafts, what have you. I’ll listen to music here too, probably some Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Buffett, or something newer that I’ve been wanting to check out. I might leave the house, go into town and do this from my lunch location.

My Perfect Day — Afternoon

The afternoon starts with a light and healthy lunch. Next, a few minutes of checking emails/messages (but not many — most of this has been outsourced to my virtual team), and then time spent checking in with the team on progress in content delivery; management of my passive income businesses; current sales of books, courses and information products; and any other business necessities that require my attention. I have outsourced 70–80% of this work, so it’s not an all-day multi hour affair. This is also phone call and conference time, but everything is on a strict time limit. I may also do some consulting via phone or Skype in this period, which I keep very strictly scheduled.

Next is exercise. This will vary by day, but could be weights, running, surfing, dog frisbee, hiking, volleyball, kayaking. Ideally in my happy place outdoors in the sunshine, on beach or in the water. Sometimes I’m alone, sometimes with my partner (depending on her schedule, because she has her own awesome life and business too), and sometimes with friends.

Then the time is open for fun and adventure with my partner. This could be anything fun you do while traveling, from visiting historic sights, boat rides, going to the local markets, to general exploring. This is unlimited freedom time and bleeds into the evening hours.

My Perfect Day — Evening

Dinner is interesting local cuisine, either at a nearby restaurant or home cooked. Perhaps dinner with friends who share our lifestyles and interests. Possibly this is part of our afternoon adventure. There could be cocktails here, and most likely a sunset viewing from a beach, mountaintop, or rooftop.

At night before bed, another 1–2 hours of writing. I find I get a lot of really great ideas late at night, so it’s best to write it all down then. I listen to jazz when writing at night, primarily hard bop like John Coltrane. Next is important time spent planning out the next day’s activities, which is crucial to sustained productivity. There’s an evening ritual of journaling gratitude and light reading (fiction or non-aspirational nonfiction) to prepare the mind for sleep. Then, it’s into bed with my partner, the dog crawls in his bed at the foot of mine, and we all fall asleep to the sound of the lapping waves.

This is what My Perfect Day looks like. It’s always changing a little here or there, but in large part, this is the life of my dreams.

What’s the Perfect Day look like in your vision of the future?

Michael Burns is a location-independent Digital & Entertainment Writer, Creative Growth Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Television Producer. He’s also a fantastic house and pet sitter; and wishes he was about a foot taller so he could really dominate at beach volleyball.

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