A path to independence…

I have decided to write a short blog on some of the work that I am doing with my boys as part chronicle and part reminder to keep doing what I am doing and track my progress.

I have a goal. It is to give Ronan, my youngest, independence at the point in time when he wants it. My dad says, “you’re an infant until you are 24”, in an effort to make himself feel young, so that gives me 22 years to achieve this goal.

Why? Well, Ronan was born with arthrogryposis. This is a condition where your muscles do not develop and you have contractions in your joints giving you very limited movement. Ronan is a fighter, and he’s doing really well versus what was expected. He’s doing his job, now I have to do mine.

Now, I work in finance, but my background is in Comp Sci which should come in useful. I have also been told that I am ‘handy’ so hopefully that will stand to me.

I want to set an ultimate goal of Ronan using a robot arm within the next two years. Ok — the journey now begins.

PS Originally, I was planning on keeping this as a personal account of things but Mary convinced me to make it a blog so that everyone can follow along.

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