Should you be excited to get out of bed every morning? What’s a realistic standard for a happy life? Here are the top 5 metrics I suggest.

Many of my new coaching clients ask me:

  • “It seems like other people are happy all the time. Is that realistic to aim for?”
  • “Should I expect to look forward to work? Is that reasonable?”
  • “My life is ok, I guess. Is that the best I should hope for?”

What metrics should I use to measure how good my life is (and could be)? What are reasonable standards to aim for?

Here are my top 5 suggested metrics to regularly keep in mind (and by the way, these all apply to your entire life, not just the “personal” or “professional”):

  • Alignment: How often are your actions and behaviors aligned with your core values, life mission/purpose, and beliefs about the meaning of life? Are you clear on what all those things are for you? How often do you truly take them seriously?
  • Empowerment: How in control of your life do you feel? Do you have freedom? Are you able to live according to your personal priorities? Or are you following someone else’s script? Do you have the ability and willingness to set and hold boundaries?
  • Emotional State: “Happiness” is too simplistic. Instead, ask: What percent of the day do you spend feeling curiosity, love, playfulness, courageousness, confidence, etc.? What about anger, shame, jealousy, overwhelm, apathy, loneliness, etc.?
  • Progress: Does it feel like you’re taking steps (even small ones) toward something meaningful? It could be personal development, spiritual growth, skill mastery, relationship development, community service, present-moment awareness, etc.
  • Belonging: Are you part of something larger than yourself (e.g., a cause you believe in, a spiritual belief system, or a community you’re part of)? Can you be yourself there? Are there like-minded people who help you feel seen?

So, how did that list land with you? How are you doing on each of those metrics? What’s one action you could take today to improve in one of those areas?

Are those even the right 5 metrics? What am I missing?



Michael Caloz (he/him), Coaching Full-Stack Humans

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