From Worthless to Worth-It-All

I used to think I was worthless. That I was worth less, than the others. Worth less, than my sisters and my brothers.

I used to think I was worthless. That I wouldn’t amount to anything. Because I felt I was nothing. And how could nothing amount to anything, at all.

And so I sabotaged myself, with such low self worth I would set myself up for the fall. Success eluded me, I convinced myself I was nothing, at all.

I drank poison, from the well of lies and deceit. Which the world manufactures in an attempt to keep you down. Obviously depression ensued, as well as an unconscious desire for oblivion.

So close to death, so entrenched in deceit. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t change my own mind. You see the lies, their entire mission is to cover up the Divine.

Wouldn’t you know that I was brainwashed, sleepwalking in a world of deceit. A world that says you’re only worthy if you reach, the top. You’re only worthy if you have that fancy car, those diamond earrings, that brand new watch.

You’re only worthy if your dating, if your married, if you have kids, a home, a vacation home, even a nice tombstone. You see, they sell you the fact that your worth comes from who you are not. You are not those things. Your worth comes from who you are, in God, in Jesus Christ.

You see when God sent his son to go and die, to hang up on that tree for all mankind. He showed you what your worth is, in his eyes. In your Creators eyes you are worth everything. So valuable you are worth dying for. That my friends, is your true identity. That is your worth forever more.

Michael Christopher Migioia writes about overcoming your depression, doubts, and fears through faith in Christ. If you found this article worthwhile at all, please recommend so someone else could see it. Thank you!