Jesus Accepts You As You Are

I have struggled for years with the feeling that I am not good enough. The thoughts in my head. The guilt. The shame. There is a feeling inside, a lack of feeling actually, a lack of love, for myself. Especially when I do or think something that I believe is wrong. When I have negative thoughts, or think the wrong thing, I feel like I am bad, that I have sinned, that the Lord will leave me.

I love the Lord. But sometimes my thoughts try to convince me that I do not. I was diagnosed with mental illness six years ago. Throughout those six years I can not tell you how many times I have been severely depressed because of my actions, or even lack there of. But I do have to say that every single time, sooner or later the Lord would show me that he was still with me, that he loves me, and that he still has a plan for me. It reminds me of Romans 7 actually.

Finally, after a rough day today I am at the end of my rope. Which can in fact be a good thing, because where I end, God begins.

I know that Jesus accepts me as I am. He doesn’t want to keep me where I am at the moment, but he accepts me as I am unconditionally because that’s what love is, and that’s who he is. And he accepts you too. No matter what.

Love doesn’t leave when things get tough. Quite the contrary, Love digs in deeper. Love helps. Love reassures. Love Loves.

If there is anything I know about Jesus it’s that he doesn’t give up. He perseveres and he triumphs. He willingly went to the cross for us, for our sins, for our mistakes, for our hearts.

He has no plan to leave us, to let us go, which is why he says exactly that. In his own words — I will never leave you nor forsake you.

The best thing that could ever happen to us would be for us to experience just a taste of the magnitude of God’s love for us.

Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt for us to love and accept ourselves too. If we can accept ourselves we will be that much more able to feel God’s love and acceptance for us.

Peace and Love to all of you. May you rest in God’s Love and Grace.

Michael Christopher Migioia is a writer and poet who creates faith based art inspired by the beauty and majesty of Jesus Christ. If you are interested in his writing feel free to check him out at