The Lie of Suicide

It begins at first as a gentle whisper, promising relief. It will end the sadness. The guilt. The shame. It will end the madness. The constant and ceaseless thoughts of a broken mind.

It lies. It promises respite. Peace even. Rest In Peace. Yes, you will Rest In Peace. That’s what they say all the time right. R.I.P. Rest In Peace.

The voice gets a little louder. Do it. It says. Jump out of your car, off that bridge, put that gun in your mouth. You have nothing to live for. No one loves you, it says. You are worthless. The world would be better without you.

You listen. And you listen. By now it has you persuaded. It has you hooked. When exactly did this happen? But you can’t ask that question, because you are now in a deep, dense fog. You don’t know when it started, when it began. It was always with you, you think. You believe it’s lies, again and again.

The voice gets louder. It’s your only hope it says. Suicide has now become your savior. You trust in it. You trust in it because you never heard, you never understood, the real truth. You never met your real Savior. You never got the chance to feel real peace, real love, freedom, and ease.

You see, suicide is a lie. It’s the voice of condemnation. It is attacking you, and yet you get closer to it, you call it friend.

But you have a true friend. A friend that loves you so deeply that he was willing to die for you. You see, the opposite of suicide is to come alive. And true peace, is knowing Christ died, for you. That he took all your pain, all your grief, every sin, with him on the cross. And in exchange he gave you his perfect life and all that comes with it. Freedom from fear. Peace of mind. Joy. Real Joy. Acceptance. True Unconditional Love.

You see, suicide is a lie. It doesn’t love you. It’s whole object is to get you to die. It doesn’t want you to know who you truly are, crafted in Gods image, the apple of his eye. Genesis 1:27. Zechariah 2:8

No matter what you are going through, where you are, or where you have been, God can get you through it. Give him your pain, your suffering, lay it down at his feet. He will take your hand and lead you all the way home. He is nothing like you have imagined. He is far better than every expectation. He lives for eternity and died to set you free.

Don’t listen to the Devils lies. Trust in Jesus Christ and come alive.

Michael Christopher Migioia is a writer and follower of Jesus Christ. You can find more of his writing at where he writes about overcoming mental illness through faith in Christ.