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Why Hollywood’s Most Thrilling Scenes Are Now Orchestrated Thousands of Miles Away

NY Times — 14 min read

The visual effects industry, and the “moving magic” blockbuster films spend huge shares of their budgets on, are being lured away from California — and into two of the most expensive cities in the world.

The Story of Spice, the Street Drug That’s Not Going Away

Vice — 14 min read

It had humble beginnings, but the formerly legal high is now a runaway threat wreaking havoc on Britain’s streets and prisons.

Who We Are At 2 A.M.

Hidden Brain — 28 min listen

Have you ever googled something that you would never dream of saying out loud to another human being? Many of us turn to Google when we have a deeply personal or embarrassing question. And we’re often more honest when we type our questions into search engines than when we answer surveys or talk to friends. Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, a former data scientist at Google, says our online searches provide unprecedented insight into what we truly think, want, and do. This week on Hidden Brain, what big data knows about our deepest thoughts and secrets.

Talking Black-ish With Star Yara Shahidi And Creator Kenya Barris

Code Switch — 31 min listen

Black-ish creator (Kenya) and the show’s 17-year-old star (Yara) talk about what’s next for them on TV and in real life. Kenya explains why he’s never felt pressure to explain cultural jokes. Yara breaks down ways Gen Z is ahead of the rest of us. Plus, they preview a possible spin-off!

How Central Park Could Fix Public Education

The Atlantic — 10 min read

The New York City landmark bucked the tragedy of the commons. Can America’s school systems do the same?