Daniel Lefebvre

Race and Class and Sex and Inequality

You make a good point. Through not the one you may think you are making. Yes, working class white men have been getting screwed by neoliberal capitalism — stagnant wages, low prospects for jobs among those without college degrees (deindustrialization), deregulation of the work place, etc. All policies advocated by the GOP, a party that counts on a majority white male electorate, rich and poor white men alike. (Are the Dems better? No, not really, they don’t serve their set of voters either). But the point that you are making here is that white privilege has failed white people.

All the same, white privilege is real. That does not mean that poor whites do not suffer real economic hardship. They do. But the unemployment rate among blacks in America is consistently twice that of whites. Not many white folks get shot down by cops for purchasing toy-guns at Walmart or for jaywalking. I don’t want this to turn into a game of shouting statistics. (99% of them are made up on the spot). But maybe we can agree that three jobs in this crap economy is better than no job at all? Wouldn’t it be better if we all had just one job, a job that paid, that we could raise a family on, retire on? What if giving up on racism and sexism was a part of moving towards that form of justice as well?

Maybe I should say something about the douchebag here… All the same, thanks for reading and commenting on the bit.

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