Alexa, Tell Me Where You’re Going Next
Steven Levy

Great article! But, even with all the great answers…

I’m struggling with Echo, I just see it as a platform to sell me stuff. And data-mine my voice to direct more stuff towards me for purchase. ( seems obvious, but most folks with Alexa that I know … don’t realize this )

Sure, echo is warm and fuzzy in-order to gain entrance into your family. She answers questions and provides information. However, the agenda is to build-comfort and slowly to sell more and more.

Try asking to Echo to buy toilet paper, and then say no to purchasing. Alexa will tell you about what toilet paper Amazon recommends. I expect more of this, across more channels. This is Alexa’s prime directive.

And Skills are an amazing and open tool for Amazon to make even more money via third party revenue streams.

I’m in awe that Amazon is able to sell hardware to customers that makes it more convenient for Amazon to make money. Echo should be free.

Amazon learned from their phone disaster, the phone was too blatant. It was received as a phone that was mostly a gateway to their world of commerce. Amazon took Echo to market with a more kind and helpful feel … the music integration is killing that.

On the flip side, Siri is mostly an assistant that wants to be helpful. A killer feature that keeps folks buying Apple hardware. For some reason this agenda is less offensive. If I like Siri, I might buy a Apple phone, but I’m still just buying a phone …

Sure, Siri also data-mines my voice. But it doesn’t seem leading towards buying more toilet paper.

Echo is dominating, let the battle continue:)

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