👊 The feed :

You ever walked by a restaurant, looked in and realized you would be the only person eating there? Felt anxiety about that and moved on? I know I have. Even if the food was fantastic it doesn’t matter. The restaurant didn’t reach critical mass.

IMO, this is becoming a reality for FaceBook. In the form of ‘posting anxieties’. Anxiety around receiving zero likes. Getting zero is embarrassing, trust me I know. :) — I’m actually posting much less and doing more twitter. I don’t have anxiety on twitter and it’s more fun. Nobody likes anything on twitter and it’s okay.

This anxiety is also duplicated on the side of the viewer. A viewer feels anxiety about being the only person that might like that post. That’s too strong of a statement for them. They are your friend, but not willing to take on that anxiety. A bit of a double edged sword. ‘I engaged your post, but I’m not willing to make a public statement about it.’

This bums me out because I know a lot of folks at FaceBook and zero at twitter. FaceBook isn’t in trouble but I’m personally seeing a trend. After the election people are ‘liking’ a lot less stuff, I know I am :/

Without feedback, the FaceBook feed is in serious trouble.

Let’s fix it, imagine if you could offer a lighter form of feedback? A private nudge or Like? A virtual fist-bump, that only you and your friend can see. IMO — and for me, this would remove the anxiety and give the needed feedback. I would use the heck out of this. I would post more and not feel embarrassed about zero likes.

It would cannibalize the normal like, but my FaceBook feed is in trouble already … I’m migrating to other things.

Thanks for looking! … and I’m sure someone has thought of this. And someone else is doing a dissertation on the concept … lol — I love to post ideas that might spark something across my diverse grouping of friends.

I do have little personal pride around predicting FaceBook reactions way before they made the Beta product. I shared that idea early and maybe it sparked something with someone.

I also worked with early social media with my time at America Online. So, I enjoy thinking about this type of stuff and over-analyzing the details.

On an aside, my zero like syndrome could also be attributed to my posting of stats from things like Runkeeper or FitBit … 😊