Looks like our plane of existence may be a little less likely to contain more spatial dimensions than the mere three that contains all of the known universe.

Astronomers at the University of Chicago find no evidence of extra spatial dimensions based on the gravitational wave data from LIGO’s announcement last year of a neutron star collision. The LIGO detection of the collision had an advantage over the previous black hole collision. Black holes do not emit light. Neutron star collisions do, which allowed scientists to observe the collision via gravity and electromagnetic radiation. This duplicate observation is a first…

Earlier today, Hillary Clinton posted the following Tweet:

Four hours later, Sarah Palin posted the following response:

I’m a longtime follower of both women, so I leap at the opportunity to compare the two approaches to a subject I have had long term interest. Clinton is essentially offering her recap of the first two years of the Trump administration. She focuses on five points:

  1. Donald Trump’s assault on the rule of law
  2. The legitimacy of our elections is in doubt
  3. The President is waging war on truth and reason
  4. Trump’s breathtaking corruption
  5. Trump undermines the national unity that…

Alex Jones and other fringe social media personalities make provocative statements that sometimes land them in legal trouble. Recently, some of the social platforms they used to build large followings have begun to ban these provocateurs. Their followers have responded by adopting a version of free speech advocacy that I’ll call free speech absolutism.

A free speech absolutist believes that no speech should ever be censored by anyone, any organization, any government, at any time. For them, free speech, is their Pencean lodestar, the answer to every ethical question. When given a choice between A and B, the calculus is

“U.S. District Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald in Los Angeles set a July 16, 2019, trial date for the case brought by Pepe’s creator, Matt Furie, against the Texas-based companies Infowars, LLC, and Free Speech Systems, LLC. Fitzgerald also set an April 22, 2019, deadline to complete settlement talks and referred both sides to a magistrate judge to hold discussions,” according to Southern Poverty Law Center.

Furie is alleging copyright infringement and seeks a permanent injunction barring use by a list of alt-right groups. Jones is not listed as a defendant, but his companies are. …

According to the BBC, “Labour is calling for a ban on parents-to-be being told the sex of their baby after early blood tests, amid fears it may lead to abortions of girls.”

My prediction is this will be used as ammo in the pro-choice/anti-abortion trenches. Some will accuse the Labour Party of hypocrisy. The Labour Party is pro-choice, and so are the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. Before we explore the validity of any positions in this debate, let’s get the facts on the table.

In the UK, the NHS uses the Non-Invasive Prenatal Test to discover genetic conditions. Some are…

A Twitter Mini-Mob Tries to Convince Me Otherwise

I follow Adam Baldwin (an American actor and conspiracy theorist) on Twitter, and he recently retweeted the above from Ryan Fournier, who I don’t know (but I guess he’s this guy). His tweet is meant to criticize two social media platforms for recent bans on content creators. I posted a response: “Facebook and Twitter are not censoring person-to-person private conversations, like a phone call is. They’re censoring public broadcasts of ideas, which has always happened. One can debate whether they should be doing that, but we should at least get the metaphor right.”

I did not know that I…

There is Paul Manafort on June 15th, still scheming to avoid legal consequences. According to NBC News:

Paul Manafort, formerly President Donald Trump’s campaign chairman, pleaded guilty on Friday to two counts and agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors.

Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, a senior deputy to special counsel Robert Mueller, called Manafort’s plea deal a cooperation agreement during an 11 a.m. hearing at the federal courthouse in Washington.

The Mueller probe is unlikely to release details about what Manafort has to offer the investigation. However, this ends many months of speculation about whether Manafort would flip on Donald Trump. Because…

“Despite vowing to help vulnerable Christians around the world, the Trump administration is making it harder for Christian refugees to enter the U.S., including a group of Iranian Christians who remain in legal limbo in Austria awaiting a decision on their fate expected as soon as Wednesday,” reports NBC News.

In 2016, while anti-ISIS fighters prepared to retake a Christian area held by militants for two years, Donald Trump, still a candidate, promised to help Christians in the area. …

Yesterday, Mario Brisson, known on YouTube as The Vigilant Christian posted the following video announcing that he has been banned in 40 countries.

According to Brisson, he made a YouTube video titled “Buddhism Predates Christianity Debunked,” and there is undetermined legal action pending concerning its content. Now, of course, Buddhism does predate Christianity by at least 500 years, so it appears Brisson was guilty of being factually incorrect, but it’s unknown what crime he has done. Brisson says he was notified by YouTube, through a message delivered to a spam folder. The message states the company is banning his…

I often hear people complain that the media is too negative. “Why won’t they cover more positive stories?” they ask. Maybe a better question is, when there areoverwhelmingly positive news stories, why are they buried? Maybe we should look at ourselves and what we respond to. Many news companies are for profit now, and for better or worse, will only cover what we consume.

Starting today, at least 2.5 million homosexuals in India have more freedom. They will no longer be harshly punished by their government for who they love. According to the BBC:

In a historic decision, India’s Supreme…

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