So I’ve decided to run a marathon.

In Iceland.

Why… it kind of just happened.

Like any good story there are three main characters: the hero, the victim and the villain.

Let’s start with the villain.

For me the villain was a poor diet and insufficient exercise. It grew into a more targeted villain — illness as I watch friends I admire, fiercely battling diseases such as ovarian cancer and multiple sclerosis.

The victim is us. You, me those we love and those that love us. Time is precious and the ability to share moments with those special to us is priceless. For me it’s the threat of wasting quality time with my wife, son and daughter.

Conveniently the hero is also you and me. Getting up, fighting, being strong and making the best of what we have and where possible, improving our lot in life.

So welcome to the first installment of my journey. My Odyssey from couch potato to running explorer. So far 2015 has given me the opportunity to lose 15kg and run a half marathon. I feel that my mind, body and soul are ready for the next challenge — I hope my story can make you aware of the strength of spirit of fellow travelers and be an inspiration, for you to take the first step on your journey.

Keep strong