as the media saw that picking Hillary apart got more viewers than lifting her up, we got an earful — from men our age, men older than us, men younger than us — eager to lecture us constantly about Hillary Clinton, didn’t we?
Tough Luck Destroyers of Hillary Clinton: You Won the Battle, You Won’t Win the War
Sasha Stone

Actually, NO-he didn’t. Hillary was loved and promoted by the media just as much as Obama was during his campaign. If you disliked Obama’s ideas you were labelled a racist and now feminazis everywhere are saying if you don’t like Hillary’s record or ideas, you hate women. Stop. Just please stop. Hillary has baggage that has zero to do with her gender. Does Benghazi ring a bell? How about obstructing justice and destroying over 30,000 emails? Maybe you read about her getting millions of dollars to her Clinton Foundation from Arabs with Terrorist ties? Just as cries of racism against Obama were a false narrative, so too is the BS about millions of men hating women so much that they would not vote for one. Obama and his cult followers claimed anybody who did not like his policies were racists. In 8 years there were no outward expressions of this they could point to but it was there insidiosly lurking-never mind that currently in the US there are only 6,000–8,000 members of the deplorable KKK. Now we have this irrational fear that 1/2 the country is full of women hating men. There is no evidence given, just excuses and blaming. It seems odd to me that 39% of Trump’s voters were women-do they hate themselves? Or is it more likely that they dislike Hillary because 4 Americans died and she lied to us and told us it was a spontaneous reaction to a video?! Maybe the comment about flying over our country filled with a “basket of deplorables” made these women mad as they too were in that basket? Hillary had too many screw ups to get elected. Across the country, when Obama was in office, brand new Republicans were getting elected with zero prior political history. Why? Because they wanted to stop Obama’s policies. They were not trying to stop his skin color nor are are Americans trying to stop Hillary because she has a vagina. What utter nonsense! Hillary gave up during Obama’s campaign because he most likely promised her she would be next in line. I actually would have voted for her then as the parties representative. Not now. Not ever. She has used her power to sell influence. Millions of dollars were funneled through her Foundation. This is an issue for most Americans. Please stop your vagina monologues as it has nothing to do with reality. Your angry she lost. We get it. It has nothing to do with her sex. BTW-George Soros helped you gals put on funny pink hats at your rally for women. If you are so for women-why are Liberal organizations taking blood money from Soros who helped send Jewish Mother’s and daughters to Nazi Death Camps?! I guess like Hillary, you don’t care where the money comes from, or how it was obtained, as long as it moves your failed Socialist agenda forward. For insight on how horrible Socialism fails, you just need to look at the starving, rioting people in Venezuela!!