Caillou is just the latest in a long history of annoying children’s characters
Nina Renata Aron

As a Dad of a now almost 14 year old daughter, I am surprised that the most annoying Dora the Explorer is not on your list. As my daughter got older as payback for the torture of watching the show, whenever we went for a drive and my daughter asked me where we were going, I would say in my most annoying Dora imitation-Gooey Geyser! “Come on Dad-Really!” to which I would devilishly reply “Cloud Castle!” I hated Dora and her 3 places schtick sooo much that I wished that she would have started loving Barney again. At least Barney didn’t have 3 places to go EVERY time, and Barney would not stop and have dead air while she waited for a response. Blues Clues was also annoying to because you had an annoying adult(like the Wiggles) AND an annoying cartoon animal(like Boots the Monkey from Dora)! Bring back the friggen Banana Splits! If you don’t know who they are-they pre-date Barney by about 20 years and they were groovy and had cool cartoons they introduced. “Size of an elephant!”(Google it-I can’t explain)