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As someone who used to live in Foster City, CA I noticed the white flight this article speaks about. There was a new market put in Foster City some years back called PW Markets that had great fresh produce and meats and a clean beautiful grocery store. It only survived about 2 years then Ranch 99 came in which is an Asian market and the parking immediately became full. The produce was of poor quality and bananas were brown. I looked under a cloth covering the table and fresh yellow nice bananas were below but it seemed as if they would not put out the good produce until the bad produce sold. I noticed the market was clean in the beginning but after a time it looked as if they had not cleaned in awhile. If you look at diversity in the schools it has become more than 60% Asian. The Volleyball team is known to be the team to beat. They are predominantly Asian. I have seen Asian parents scream at their kids in their Native tongue because they lost a game to the point that teenage girls are crying. Are they same when they come home with a B in Math? In full disclosure, I am married to a Pacific Islander and I appreciate all the help she gives my daughter with math but I also balance it out by making sure my daughter is allowed time to play. I have a daughter who is mixed and is really into Japanese anime and manga and wishes she looked more Asian to fit in better at school. My Irish genes dominated even though my wife is a beautiful brown. Maybe the white flight is also so the parents can retain some of their white culture in a school that has mostly Asian students that they cater to. My 13 year old knows what an Asian F means(anything below an A including an A-!) Is it any wonder that parents who both work might not have the time or energy to stay up with their kid every night to go over math and science including the weekends? In many Asian countries it is extremely competitive and hard to get into College and only about the top 10% do so there is intense pressure to perform-so much so that at Stanford University they have seen an uptick in Asian student suicides and have hired a full-time Asian Counselor to help young Asian students deal with the overbearing pressure of their Asian parents who only want to see A’s.

Our family now lives in Belmont and in our neighborhood prices for starter ranchers with 3 beds and only 1 bath have now reached over $1 million. The demographic is becoming more Asian and some of the houses bought at these prices that used to have well cared for lush landscaping have now become brown and dead looking. One new owner let the dead looking grass grow to about 4 feet high before finally mowing. The house they bought used to be the pride of the neighborhood as it was painted a pretty pale green and always had beautifully manicured landscaping and now it has been repainted an ugly grey and the landscaping basically makes the house look abandoned. Sadly there are a few other new Asians in the neighborhood who also have weeds growing everywhere. So before you judge the “racists white flight” look at how communities are actually affected by a neighborhood becoming predominantly Asian. BTW-we do have a new Adrian couple that is older that has a beautiful rose garden and rocks decorating the yard so part of this problem could be attributed to young techies who used to live in the city now owning a home and with the long hours expected of them by many tech companies don’t have the time to garden. Even still-if you can afford a $ 1 million dollar rancher-you can afford a gardener!