should you determine whether people should go through immense pain
Pregnancy is one of the most painful things to go through.
Timothy Laskoski

By people going through immense pain, it seems odd to me that you do NOT include the pain experienced by the unborn child that is murdered. If someone does not want to get pregnant, they can either buy a box of condoms for less than what they pay on a daily Starbucks visit or if they can’t afford the under $5.00 box of condoms they can go to and get FREE condoms. You act as if somebody forced this woman to have sex at gunpoint without a condom. Your scenario is only real when a woman is raped-otherwise sex education and the proper way to put on a condom is taught in all public schools by the time most kids are 13 years old. It’s not like we live in a 3rd world country where getting condoms is very hard and there is no Sex Ed. Why is it that having repeated unprotected sex and repeated abortions as a form of birth control become the norm? The idiots who say “don’t like abortion-don’t have one” should realize the reality is that if you are poor and “don’t like kids(or can’t afford one) then don’t have one by wearing a condom!”

Your argument about the pain of pregnancy is something that sexually active people should think about before they “choose” to have unprotected sex. Why is it the unborn child who has to suffer and be murdered because “Planned Parenthood” forgot to teach people to plan NOT to have a baby by wearing a condom. Of course, if they did what their name implies, they would not make the millions of dollars they make killing mostly minority babies!

Nobody should be forced to be do something painful but sex is not a painful experience and requires responsibility of the two people engaging in intercourse that obviously is how babies are made. It is not like 90% of mother’s who choose abortion had NO idea how they got pregnant.

The people who continually complain about how men don’t understand how painful it is to be pregnant should also realize that even as a woman who is pregnant-NO woman knows the pain that an unborn child goes through as they are executed in the womb!

Some are born alive and left to die. Nurses who used to work in abortion clinics have seen so many murders that they either become numb to what they are doing or go through years of therapy to overcome the horrors they have seen. I pray for you to change your mind as well as anyone even thinking of taking an innocent life.

There is no undoing the deed after the child is murdered and yes, the word is murdered. It may be considered “legal” but at the end of our lives, if you have faith, you will need to answer our maker and explain why you took the life of an innocent child. Pain and poverty does not excuse it. Sorry. No excuse other than incest or rape is legitimate. It’s murder.