I love when the responses are as long as my posts.
Allan Ishac

Equal delusions? I state facts and you state opinions not supported by any evidence but I am equally delusional? Nice try. Libs find it so much easier to name call than back up their bogus claims with evidence. What facts that I presented do you dispute? Gallup poll was done just at the end of last year showing the mistrust in the media. Hillary was caught with an illegal server and used Bleach bot to destroy any traces of the 30,000+ emails that were supposedly “personal” even after her husband Bill has said on record that he rarely if ever uses email. You Libs go on unsubstantiated rants and the Libs at Medium keep promoting your delirium based on heresay and rumors. We get it, you don’t like Trump. We did not like Obama because of his policies but the vitriolic rhetoric you guys have thrown at Trump is unprecedented, uncalled for and is hurting our fairly elected President from doing his job. No President in our history has faced such negative reactions. Think how you would have freaked out if a Conservative comic held up the bloody decapitated head of Obama as a joke. Not so funny now huh? Libs hypocrisy is out there for the world to see. Hillary is caught red-handed doing something illegal and obstructing justice and the media and people like you are OK with her getting a slap on the wrist but Trump with no hard evidence whatsoever and you want him impeached?!

Please get some help for your delusions. We know facts may be hard to comprehend for irrational Liberals who base everything on emotion but please do your homework and ask good questions such as why Hillary and Obama waited 13 hours before sending any help to the US Consulate in Benghazi when we had the military capability to be there in 20 minutes???