Google is violating its own policy on hate speech by providing ads to Breitbart
Nicholas Reville

Free speech much? So what you are suggesting is that if Liberals are offended by free speech expressed in comment sections then they should pressure Google and Advertisers to stop this free speech. I read your example and it is angry for sure but “hate speech” to me seems more like Liberal code for censorship to any ideas that don’t jibe with their politically correct speech. Ironically if you read some of the Liberal responses to Conservative speech there is very real hate speech where Libs write obscenities then demand someone to assassinate someone like Trump that they disagree with. This does not even register as hate speech even when it calls for actual violence. The hypocrisy is not lost on Americans who showed their displeasure at media Left Wing bashing by voting Trump. The 42% women who voted for Trump obviously did not care about the repeated cries of misogyny from Hillary. Maybe because there was alternative media that showed the truth of how Hillary has bullied and intimidated any and all women who have had the misfortune of being molested or raped by her misogynist husband. Is it me or does Bill Clinton’s pointing dramatically while saying emphatically, “I did not have sex with that woman”, remind you of Trump’s saying “You’re Fired” with his dramatic hand gesture? Since America already had a Misogynist in Chief it was really a non-issue. There is also a video on an alternative website that has Hillary laughing while bragging about the fact that she helped free a kidnapper and rapist of a 12 year old girl on a technicality while she was a lawyer. Nobody in Main Stream Media reported on the horrible treatment Hillary has put upon innocent women whose lives were ruined by her. So sorry that Liberals can’t control every media article that goes against their beliefs however this type of control has been done in the past with book burnings by Nazi’s that the Liberals seem to think the United States is suddenly full of. Reality check Libs-the United States voted for a black President twice and some of those people who voted for Obama twice, voted for Trump. These Americans suddenly did not become “white nationalists.” The actual numbers of KKK membership in the US us about 6,000–8,000 members-hardly enough to elect a President of a local PTA let alone the President of the United States. Are these facts now “hate speech” because it doesn’t fit your Liberal agenda? Censorship is Censorship. Stop spinning it as anything but an angry backlash because Hillary lost. The reason Americans don’t read newspapers or watch Liberal media outlets like CNN or MSNBC is because we know it is anything BUT free speech. The companies you mention like Kelloggs are now experiencing a backlash of their own from bowing to Liberal pressure-a boycott of all their products has been started. Until companies get hurt financially they don’t get it. Target after enacting a bathroom open gender policy have now seen male perverts(not transgenders) go into their women’s restrooms solely to molest and expose themselves to young girls. Great policy Target! Way to keep the Mom’s coming to your stores. The transgender shoppers thank you. All less than 1% of them! I have a 14 year old daughter and don’t appreciate some Liberal putting my daughter at risk to a male pervert who is taking advantage of this new ridiculous policy. I have nothing against transgenders and have worked with a few in the past and they looked very much like women so it was never an issue for them going to the women’s restroom but when we allow men who are clearly NOT transgender and not even wearing women’s clothes walk into a women’s restroom, we are just inviting all kinds of problems. Sadly, there are male perverts that make it so the easier solution if transgenders are changing clothes completely, is to have a seperate bathroom. It can have male/female on the door. If my daughter is going to see a male’s junk in a women’s restroom, I am not OK with it as many other American Dads with young daughters feel the same way. The Liberals typically take this viewpoint and make it homophobic. This is the problem with your proposed censorship of what you deem “hate speech.” Who gets to decide what is deemed “hate speech?” It is typically the Leftist that decide what is hate speech. In my experience, violent language and actions have been ignored if it comes from the Left but any alternative viewpoints are immediately labelled as racists, homophobic, and xenophobic with no evidence to support their labels.

On a side note-how far down in the Comment section did you have to scroll before you found the “offending statement?” Some comment sections have hundreds of responses, are you seriously suggesting that every article on every website should scroll through hundreds of thousands of comments to make sure nobody is offended? The examples you show hardly seem to be hate speech as I understand it. Most articles online have an ability to Flag offensive comments and since the comments you highlight were not Flagged, how offensive were they really? Obviously offensive to you but who made you the PC Police? The Left basically wants to censure any and all free speech that doesn’t agree with their agenda. The attack formula is to label as much material as they can as “hate speech.” I hate being controlled by Liberals. Is that hate speech?😠