I lost count how many times you used “libs” or a derivation thereof…does that mean I can call you a…

How about “if you like your Doctor you get to keep him" or how about “if you like your insurance plan you get to keep it”? BTW-i don’t listen to Alex Jones or follow the news as you purport. I am also not so hip to be in the know about supposed satirists. I write for free and don’t get paid for what I write. I just call out BS when I read it. Medium is full of it recommending Liberal stories to me every day and after reading my comments it’s clear to even you that I am Conservative. Why doesn’t anyone point out that last year over $1.8 Billion in penalty fees were paid by Americans who could not afford Obamacare. What about Obama’s lie that an average American family would save about $2,500 annually on their health care bills under Obamacare? My sister who lives in Florida saw her monthly premiums go up from $250 a month to $500 a month and she is hardly alone as millions of Americans saw their Doctor’s and their healthcare plans that they liked disappear under Obamacare. When all the millions of Americans that fell off the Unemployment rolls are included in the #’s the real number is about 11–13% Unemployed and these numbers can be verified by US Labor Bureau of Statistics. I am no big fan of Trump but as someone once said “It’s the economy stupid.” Obama was anti-business and pro-regulation which stagnates growth as corporations don’t make large capitilaztion expenditures when they are going to get taxed up the wazoo. I was a Commercial Lender for 7 years working for 2 of the biggest banks in America until 2008. I was not for the big Bank bail-outs but understood the reasoning behind trying to restore confidence. So does Trump, as soon as he got elected to stock market boomed as small business owners believed that he would put a stop to the burdensome regulations. Trump may not be the most astute politician in the world but understands business and his promise to make America Great Again was not a promise to know enough about history to appease every Liberal that thinks it takes a genius to run our country versus someone who geniunely cares about our country and wants to see it succeed. Remember Michelle Obama’s comment “for the first time in my life I am proud to be American” after her husband got the nomination. For the rest of America we did not have to wait for Obama to be proud of our native country.

We don’t have to kow-tow and bow and apologize for being American. If it is so horrible here, then move like all the other Libs that said they were leaving the country if Trump was elected. The 96% of Trump voters who still would vote for him now are close to 60 Million in number and wont miss your constant America bashing and President bashing. I never personalized any attacks on Obama but did point out his lies and hypocrisy. The difference with “satirists” of Trump is that it is hugely personal and vicious

Kathy Griffen beheads Trump in the name of comedy and satire. Not funny! And not satire!