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I think you meant “Her” audience. I too watched in dismay as Streep hijacked the awards show with yet another rant against Trump. She did make some sense though in a way in spite of herself-she validated that Americans are sick of listening to Hollywood, Foreigners, and the Press about how we should run our country. Americans don’t move to foreign countries expecting free hand outs, special accommodations, etc just because we were not born there. If I decided to relocate to France and really wanted to be part of French society, I would have to learn to assimilate. That would mean first, learning the language, then the laws and culture of the country that has allowed me to live there. In the old days America used to be called “the melting pot” because people came from all over the world for a better life here and worked hard for the American dream. They made sure their kids learned English and studied hard in school so they would not have to do manual labor jobs as their parents with limited English skills. The immigrants were proud of their heritage but considered themselves Americans first not something else then American. I found the video in question or performance as Streep put it-oddly though, I also found two other instances of Trump waving his hands as if frustrated and groveling and the 2 people he was mocking were not disabled. One of them was Ted Cruz. Trump correctly pointed out that the Washington Post denied the truth of his comment that after 9/11 a bunch of Muslims in New Jersey were seen dancing and partying on their rooftops as the Twin Towers burned to the ground. The Washington Post said it was utterly false even though one of their own reporters was quoted reporting basically the same thing Trump was saying. Who was this reporter? The same reporter was forced to make a weak retraction that Trump made fun of. Nobody on the Left Wing media wants anyone to know that Muslims were celebrating the deaths of 3,000 Americans-it does not fit their false narrative that all Muslims are peace loving people who are misunderstood.