You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

It is ironic your soapbox speech about how you don’t want to be controlled by men, yet George Soros funded about 90 women’s groups to go on this march. Sadly far from being inclusive of all women’s groups, the organizers chose to EXLUDE women who believed in the sanctity of life. We get it. You want men to pay for your pills and your abortions. Oddly enough, many women do NOT want to pay for murder as well. About 42% of Trump’s voters were women and a recent poll from Maris shows that 83% of Americans DON’T want our tax dollars to go overseas to support abortions and 61% of Americans DON’T support our tax dollars paying for abortions here in the United States.

Margaret Sanger whom you tout as a heroine for women’s rights was a firm believer in Eugenics and purposely set up what were formerly called American Birth Control League to control the over-population of poor people in black neighborhoods. Margaret Sanger followed Hitler extensively and was a very sick person if you do your homework about her versus the lies from the Left Wing Media. Women have choices over their bodies except in the case of rape or abuse. This type of behavior is clearly awful and should not be tolerated, however it accounts for a very small percentage of abortions at Planned Parenthood. The reality is that some women use abortion as their chosen method of birth control and use it over and over again. The high cost of contraception is also a myth. Last time I checked, it costs about $3.99 for a box of condoms and if that is still cost prohibitive, there is always that can get women condoms virtually anywhere in the US.

The issue women are marching for is the “right” to have other Americans to pay for their pill and/or abortions if they forget to take them. In today’s world of so many sexually transmitted diseases, why would women march to protect their rights to NOT be protected from STD’s by using the pill? I have a 14 year old daughter who is not sexually active but for sure I am not putting her on the pill at Planned Parenthood. I have taught her about condoms as her high school has done also. I find it highly irresponsible of grown women to be preaching the benefits of the pill which prevents ZERO sexually transmitted diseases. Also, why promote Abortion like it is so cool to “have control over your body” translation: the legal right to kill your innocent unborn child. My Monsignor at my church has told me of hundreds of women who have come to him traumatized by guilt for the sin of killing their baby. Some of them wake up every night, terrified from nightmares.

It’s not as if Planned Parenthood is doing some kind of elective surgery to remove a wart or cyst, it is a living human child that has every right to live as you do. I understand that many women make mistakes, but why does the unborn child have to pay for a woman’s mistake with her or his life? Maybe the marchers should ask their own Mothers why they felt strongly about NOT killing them before they were able to take their first breath outside the womb? Big Money is controlling women in this march and they are in complete denial about it. Planned Parenthood received almost $500,000,000 from American Taxpayers last year and made over $164,000,000 doing abortions. Planned Parenthood provides 40% of ALL the abortions in the whole country and aborted over 300,000 babies last year. How many wars would America have to go into to kill that many people and then continue the war every year?

The 3% of money from abortion services is a myth purpetrated by PP and the media- the real numbers show that 51% of their profits comes directly from doing abortions. Is this really something women should be proud of? In World War II there was 405,399 lives lost. Since Roe v Wade was passed the number of babies aborted is 54,559,615. This is more deaths than ALL U.S.wars combined!! This says to me that we are NOT educating women about contraception.

Today in pharmacies all over America, the word Contraception has been changed and we now have a “family planning” aisle. If I were planning a family-why would I go to this aisle? It is clearly a misnomer and a way to make contraception sound more PC. Planned Parenthood was originally called the American Birth Control League which is pretty clear about its intentions and what they do. Margaret Sanger wrote numerous articles then with titles such as, “The Purpose of Eugenics”(December 1924), “Birth Control: The True Eugenics” (July 1925) and “The Eugenic Conscience” (February, 1921). This is a woman who wanted to “purify” the race of Americans much like Hitler was doing in Germany. This is the heroine you are worshipping. Talk about praying to a false God.

I pray for you and the lives of all the unborn you still feel it is OK to kill because “it’s your body.” I am sure the unborn child if it could speak would be begging you to share your body as a Mother should and let it live. After birth, there are so many options for women to have their child adopted by a loving family, there is NO excuse for this senseless killing. Taking a line from pro-abortion people-Don’t want an abortion? Then don’t forget a condom! They are FREE!!! A child’s life is too high a cost to pay when condoms are EVERYWHERE!