make an enemy of the media.
The Relentless Bias Against Donald Trump
Dave Pell

Really? The recent Gallup poll showed that only about 30% of Americans actually trust the media. The media has a lower rating than Trump and the trust Americans have in MSM is the lowest in 30 years. His attacks on the media we’re warranted and many would say helped get him elected. My stomach turns every time I watch the news because it is so blatantly biased. The media helped propel Trump to the Republican ticket which is what the Left wanted so they could smear him every day. There was NO way Americans would question or distrust the media and elect the devil himself right? Wrong! Americans are not sheep and we are also not a “basket of deplorables” just because we want jobs. I guess even when the media lied and said the jobs numbers were great, Americans still had the ability to look at their tables and see LESS food on it!

Remember Obama said “I will starve the Coal Industry.” He did and the people who lost their jobs and starved remembered when Hillary came along, that there was NO plan from the Left to replace the working class jobs.

Remember how the media was complicit in perpetuating the lie that Benghazi was a “spontaneous reaction to an anti-Muslim video” ? Remember Brian Williams? How can anyone with a straight face say Journalists are not biased when another report shows that about 96% of Journalists donate money to Liberal causes? Even Facebook’s new “Fact-checking” websites have been shown to be liberally biased as well as former FB employees blowing the whistle, saying that FB regularly buried Conservative news stories that were trending and artificially propped up Liberal stories they felt needed attention.

Other studies have shown that over 95% of Journalism College professors are Liberals and ALL the self-congratulatory awards for Journalism are for Left leaning stories. College professors, Journalists, MSM, over 90% Liberal yet the country voted and SURPRISE-we are not all drinking the Kool-Aid!

If the media could stop blaming Russia for a 1/2 a second and talk to real Americans they might understand why Hillary lost. Real Americans of every race, creed, color, religious background, and sexual orientation, who lost their blue collar jobs under Democrats and finally helped bring down what the media called “an impenatrable Blue Wall.”

There was NO way Trump could win if we believed the media. It must be tough for the media, “flying over” the country and living in an echo chamber?! Maybe the media and Liberals could land on the ground and talk to more real people. Trump spent more time on the ground in “Blue Wall” states than Hillary did. His message resonated with out of work blue collar Americans. Just as an FYI-these people in the Midwest are not redneck, racists like idiots in the media would have us believe. Also, the KKK which is a horrible abomination has only roughly 6,000–8,000 members nationwide and mostly in the South. So the argument the Left and the media puts out about our country being full of racists is BS too.

How many lies does the media have to put forth before you stop being a shill with this idiotic argument? The sheep will still believe the media but for the rest of Americans with the ability to question ideas on their own-we will decide what is true and what is fake. Since we elected Trump, America is already buying what he is selling and no amount of complaining and whining Russia, Russia, Russia is going to change it. The media’s smear campaign will continue most likely for the next 4–8 years because they are SO angry we did not listen to them.

Maybe the media and Liberals should re-read the children’s fable “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”

In the meantime, your public meltdowns on TV, FB, Twitter, Medium, etc only prove even more how desperate you are to get rid of a man that honestly you helped elect. He became an underdog because of the media. Sorry guys-you can’t have it both ways!