I’m Angry At Facebook
Ericka Andersen

The 800 pound gorilla flexes its muscles is a good title for your article. Facebook has already been busted for censorship making trending conservative stories disappear while Liberal stories that fit more in line with their beliefs gets promoted. Facebook used to keep having pop ups of Obama ads during the last election cycle even after my repeated efforts to not have the same content because it was repetitive-offensive didn’t work but it showed up every day practically every hour on Facebook. It doesn’t matter how relevant publishers content is to its readership-its the fact that Facebook doesn’t control it that seems to irk them. Media today should all have disclaimers and disclosures that say “This message brought to you by…and the message you wanted Not brought to you because (insert media outlet name here) we are manipulating the message beyond objective into controlled propoganda! If people think that the news stations are Liberal-they are missing the Titanic sized boat called the Internet. It is a great medium to exchange ideas but if only certain messages get through and others are buried or it takes a suspiciously long time to load-then it becomes clear there is a bias. Google founder took time off from work to campaign for Obama. It is his right to do so-but did the Search engine manipulate queries on its site? Could be-just as it could be and seems to be at Facebook according to ex-employees. Google and Facebook combined know more about people than their own Mothers. It’s good for marketers but creepy for the rest of us. Good luck in your Facebook battle but maybe you should publish something direct to your 1 million followers to put pressure on Facebook to show your content. Otherwise, it may fall on deaf ears.