I’m Sorry Mr. Zuckerberg, But You Are Wrong
Rick Webb

This whole article can be encapsulated into one sentence: I am mad at Facebook for not censoring Trump content that I believe helped get him elected. Shortened even more: wah, wah, wah!😭 How many media outlets does very the Left Wing control now? About 99%? And the 1% you don’t control you want humans to censure millions of news or fake news articles? What about the false narrative that nobody in the media is correcting that it is only a bunch of redneck racists that voted for Trump?! I have heard KKK and Nazi party so much in the news lately you would think they are a huge 3rd party that rivals the Democratic and Republican-the reality is that the KKK has somewhere around 6–8,000 members in the US. Hardly enough to get a PTA president elected let alone the President of the United States. The fear mongering media has far more white people afraid than black. When was the last time you heard of a group of whites protesting and surrounding someone with an Obama or Hillary t-shirt, hat, or bumper sticker and beating that person up? I currently get dirty looks because on days my team is playing I wear my red, white and blue Patriots football jersey. The biggest star in the football world Tom Brady can’t speak about how he supports Trump as his wife shut him down but more likely because they have received threats. The Left Wing media has a giant gas can that they throw on the fire every night with protest footage and Liberal pundits making totally untrue claims that the KKK elected Trump. What about the fact that women accounted for 42% of Trumps votes, among college graduates Trump outperformed Hillary by 4 points(I guess not all smart people were fooled by Hillary) the 29% Latinos, who 46% said that the economy was their biggest issue when polled. Even in the Liberal bastion of San Francisco, the day after the election I saw an Asian man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat as 29% of Trumps voters were Asian as well. The biggest gap Clinton failed to fill was with melennials who voted 55%-37% in favor of Clinton but by comparison; Obama won the 18–29 age group by 60%-36% over Romney. By and large the young voters either stayed home or voted for Gary Johnson. The other major demographic is the 65-older group which voted 53%-45% for Trump. The turn out of voters by age is not brought up much but in the 40–65+ age group about 65% came out to vote and in that age group 50–53% voted for Trump. The other interesting factoid that nobody on the Left or Right is talking about is that of the people who actually voted, 39% identify as Moderates. The Liberals only accounted for 26% of the turnout versus 35% for Conservatives. This is something that I think is true for most of the country -more Americans are true Moderates and would prefer a candidate to be this way as well. If only 26% of America is truly Liberal based on my big assumption-why doesn’t America put forth a more Moderate candidate who isn’t a Looney Lefty or Right Wing Nut Job? If we could find a candidate that has shown a history of bipartisanship then maybe as Rodney King hoped-we could all get along. Sadly it is not sexy and does not get the ratings that the media wants from politicians tearing into each other. The media complains about Trump getting elected but the media is Dr. Frankenstein and if Trump is a monster-then you created him. The truth is that both candidates were monsters that many couldn’t trust. Americans are sick of it all but thought it would finally end after the election but fires, protests, drama etc, is the stock and trade of the media so the gasoline just keeps getting poured on. When if ever will the media take responsibility? Most likely never because their horse is so high it towers over the whole country. Sorry media-its time to come down. The echo chamber you live in isn’t real. Like the movie Network: We are all “mad as hell and were not going to take it anymore!” Unlike Liberals though, we will not be burning, looting, and beating people up. We have just turned off the boob tube because it is run by a bunch of boobs! Getting back to Facebook-if it too becomes a non-stop commercial for Liberals, many will stop using. Last election I kept seeing Obama no matter how many times and how many ways I said that I did not want to see the content as repetitive, offensive, etc. The reality is that Facebook has been busted more for manipulating trending stories to be far more Liberal even when Conservative stories are truly trending at a particular moment in time. The media bias on negative reports on Trump vs. negative reports on Hillary have been pointed out by the MRC(Media Research Center) and I am sure from my own experience that Facebook is similarly biased. Your article is basically saying you want free thought censured if it does not follow your Liberal ideology. Maybe you should re-read our Bill of Rights as we still have the right to free speech. We also have a right to Peaceful Assembly(unlike the riots/protests of upset BLM and Hillary supporters). Grow up and stop trying to censure free speech. The most hateful vitriolic speech I am hearing right now is coming from the Left. Maybe beating people up and torching police cars isn’t the way to show you are upset? By the same token, maybe telling Facebook what they can and cannot post is also the wrong way to go about it. I seem to remember a certain group some years ago that thought book burning was a good idea to control people’s thoughts -how is censuring Facebook any different? It isn’t.