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Worst impression of any President ever on SNL. The Libs are watching because they need to vent. The rest of the country that attempts to watch have to turn it off because it so completely unfunny. Even as political satire it’s awful. Just because they finally have a President that is an easy target to skewer still does nothing to cover up how pathetically bad the show is. Let’s get real and say the last time the show was funny and relevant was over 25 years ago. Think Eddy Murphy is about how far back. Alec Baldwin is the most angry rageoholic even to hit this planet and makes Trump sound like a Teddy Bear by comparison. Remember Baldwin’s lunatic rant on his 11 year old daughter’s voice mail calling her a pig? Well if you don’t millions of Americans do. Baldwin playing an angry white guy is no stretch because he is so angry, it feels like he could explode at any moment. Talk about the kettle calling the Coal black. I would not be surprised if years from now his daughter does a tell all book about how he beat her. This is a guy we should listen to about his political views? Seriously, he is a train wreck and his impression of Trump as well as being unfunny is a hack impression at best. He should just stick to playing the heavy bad guys because he is one in real life!