American Horror Story
Laurie Penny

Wow-hate Republicans much? According to you and all the other Libs we are the epitome of evil and wat children for breakfast. The fear mongering that Dems put out is so ubiquitous that there isn’t a newspaper, TV news channel, or blogger like you comparing Republicans to Bealzabub himself. Last video that was never shown of a tea party rally was a bunch of people that could have been from a Central Casting call for kindly old Grandma’s and Grandpa’s as they had the decency after their events to pick up after themselves. Contrast that with videos never shown of Occupy protestors who left used needles, condoms, defecation, and urine. In Oakland during Occupy movement, a man was stabbed to death. Tea party stands for Taxed Enough Already and as American’s we started our country with the idea of “No taxation without representation” and the Supreme Court declared that the penalty/fine for not buying healthcare was indeed a tax. Funny how because Americans who did not vote for this and are upset are now called racists, bigots, etc. Maybe if the feds made sure that those getting free healthcare were actually citizens, then Americans wouldn’t be so pissed off at the over 1.5 Billion dollars in fines they paid because the healthcare plan they used to have is no longer affordable. America has cities that are considered sanctuary cities but for all intents and purposes we are a sanctuary nation. We are bending over backwards to make sure everyone feels welcome and not discriminated against unless of course you had the misfortune of actually being born here. We have set up a system of giveaways that are so easy to get. All you have to do is say no habla ingles and you get free health care, free education, free food, etc. If you are a hard-working American in the middle class, not only are you expected to work longer hours for less pay but you are chastised for not caring for those less fortunate when in reality, the middle class is slowly becoming the less fortunate as more of their money goes to people who have the ability to work but choose not to as they are the 4th generation family on the government dole. There are zero checks and balances to make sure the truly needy are getting the help they need versus some who know how to work the system and get all the free stuff, meanwhile grandma is living on car food because she is too proud and/or not wise to all the help she can get. Republicans don’t want grandma to starve as the media would have you believe but don’t want lazy abusers of the system to take away a benefit from someone who is truly needy. I was called a racist by someone the other day because I had the audacity to say out loud that I thought Americans who were needy should get Obamacare and not illegals. I am not a racist and believe that America can become stronger if we stop depending on the government for everything. Smaller government and the ability to make sure needy Americans get the help they need is not racist but most of the Liberal rants you hear on TV and blogs would have people believe that Republicans only care about money and not people. Sadly the facts of Unemployment under Obama us that blacks and brown people’s have seen their unemployed numbers go up the last 8 years and most of the new jobs Obama says he has created are of the low wage variety such as restaurant jobs and do not support a family. The Democrats are currently wearing rose colored glasses if they think Americans are happy with the loss of jobs, increase in healthcare spending, more terrorist attacks at home but if you believe the Democrats spin-the reason we don’t like Obama is because he is black, and the reason we don’t like Hillary is because she is a woman. It could not at all be possible that Republicans are pissed about the lie about a video creating Benghazi, it could not be the lies about 30,000 emails, or the emails that many considered for her fraudulently elected-oh no it’s just that Republicans are racists, misogynist, grandma hating, evil people. Or not.

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