Oh boy. Stay in school.

Wow-thoughtful response. Did you get a Liberal education to teach you that non response? You did prove my point though, when Liberals have no response they resort to name calling or put downs. At least you all are consistent. Nice to hear that your college degree left you no tools to respond with. My 14 year daughter could have come up with something more eloquent. BTW-how does it feel to be part of the Liberal elite who has made artists homeless in places like San Francisco? Just curious how you justify the gentrification and homelessness you create while you drive around in Prius cars thinking you are saving the world. My real world education kicks your Liberal College degree any day of the week. Next time you tell someone to stay in school, maybe you should ask yourself why I couldn’t. Maybe because I don’t get it for free. Maybe because I lost my financial aid due to taking care of non-citizens education over mine. I am not in a protected class and because I am white I am supposed to get all these wonderful perks because of it. Sorry but in my lifetime no such perks have surfaced, on the contrary Affirmative Action has forced employers to hire lesser qualified candidates to fill their quota of diversity candidates. It’s all about Economics, if the Democrats stopped promising and starting delivering education and jobs for all Americans then all ships would rise. Instead only “Dreamers” can get a free or subsidized education while actual citizens are treated like 2nd class. I went to college back in 1982 and received financial aid my first year to help me cover the $12,000 annual cost of Northeastern University, when that aid was taken away, I had no way to pay for college in spite of my whiteness. It has taken me years to go back and it is unfortunate that there are many other Americans that could have finished school years ago but our government thought that Americans did not need help. Obviously with the amount of people wanting Bernie Sanders to be President because of his free college education idea proves that millions of Americans want and need it. I guess if you were lucky enough to come from a rich family or are in a minority class that got help, it seems easy to crassly say “Oh Boy, stay in school” but it is extremely clueless about what Americans go through. Maybe if Liberal elites would step out of their echo chamber and talk to real Americans who are poor and suffering they would get it. Sadly, Hillary says the whole country between the East and West Coast is “Fly over country with a basket of deplorables”! Maybe you and Hillary and others like you can come off your high horses and visit and talk to some real Americans versus the Libs you only associate with. PS-Thank God, I didn’t go to school on some bogus scholarship because I might have turned out like a Liberal Elite @sshole like many I see here on Medium. PSPS-I loved reading Wikileaks that showed the Clinton campaign created articles to be posted on Medium under a bloggers name to hide that it was political propoganda. Did your name get used for this purpose? Just curious. I seek truth from its source and I question the sources if I don’t know where their funding came from. I believe in questioning authority and not blindly accepting something as truth just because a college professor or the media spouts it. I am a straight A college student and have been amazed at the obvious Liberal bias of 100% of my professors. The put down you attempted was not really a put down because I am more educated than most of the college professors I have as I read a lot. Just because you have a piece of paper and I don’t does not make you better or wiser than me. It does however seem to make you more arrogant though. You might want to work on that. God bless you, I will pray that you become enlightened and do more towards healing as opposed to dividing. Since you already have an education, try using it for good.